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About Us

What's unique about Mother Clusters?  They are handcrafted so every cluster is its own unique and delectable creation.  Mother Clusters are also easily customizable to your favorite flavors and mix-ins, so let us know what you love!

Mother Clusters is a home-based cottage food business and each batch is made with TLC!


Jessica Tischler
Founder and Owner

Jessica is a budding entrepreneur with a love of chocolate.  Mother Clusters was born out of a marriage between her famous chocolate clusters for family and friends and her lively sense of humor!  Experimenting with new flavors and names is the fun of the game!​


Shy Ashkenazi

Shy is our Assistant Creative Thinker extraordinaire!  His obsession for chocolate and his artistic expression make him a great match for this role.  His favorite part of the job is testing the clusters, of course!  

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